Awake again

(WAYNESVILLE, N.C.) — So, I’m about to go run. It has been months and months since I have, but as I find my shoes and put on a raggedy shirt that I love, I already feel like a runner again. It occurs to me now that running and writing are so much the same. It’s the act of doing it that makes it part of who you are. Even though I haven’t touched this blog in so long, just writing this little bit already makes me feel that this site is mine again. Just as this impending run has made the runner part of fantasize about doing a marathon sometime in the future, writing this paragraph makes me want to write so much more.

So, I really hope you folks reading this are still out there. As always, thank you so much for reading. I have an incredible amount to tell you, and I can’t wait to.

For one, I now live in North Carolina …. I’ll save the rest for after my run.

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