Same time, next year

(WILMINGTON, N.C.) — I am still in North Carolina, but yes, I am going to do a short post about another state again. Soon I will be all caught up, at least I hope. It’s still strange to be hit with so many new places and so many experiences at once, especially after doing about [...]

Looking back: a day in D.C.

(SAN RAFAEL, Calif.) — It’s strange to be on shore leave from my trip. Right now I’m sitting at my parents’ house, an old converted barn in the heart of Marin suburbia, and my trailer and travel life seems so far away. Part of me is anxious to get back to it; part of me [...]

Where getting dressed up means putting on socks

(ARCATA, Calif.) — I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve written. I know explanations (at least mine) are usually boring and kind of defensive, so I’ll just give a short one. I’m on shore leave from my trip right now, visiting California and my family (I flew out from Wilmington, N.C., where [...]