It takes a mess of help to stand alone

(ANCASTER, Ont.) — When things become good for a while, it’s easy to get complacent. While I was in London, Ont., I was parked in the driveway of an amazing, friendly woman, and I got used to having to someone to care about my day and to joke with. Here, in the village of Ancaster [...]

London calling

(LONDON, Ont.) — Canada feels good. Everyone who has waited on me or given me directions or been my bus driver has been unwaveringly friendly. At the moment, I’m parked in a driveway belonging to a wonderfully sweet and open woman named Kerri-Anne. I met her through a passing acquaintance, and though she doesn’t know [...]

Say Canandaigua five times fast

(CANANDAIGUA, N.Y.) — Before I write anything else, I must write this: Wegman’s. I have seen the light and it is the miles of food aisles in this regional grocery store chain. Trying to explain the beauty of this place, I can only think of anecdotes, such as the entire beer section dedicated to Pacific [...]

Wow. I’m actually on my way.

I’ve never experienced rain like this. I’m outside Moravia, N.Y., and I’m cleaning up my trailer as water pounds hard against the aluminum frame. It’s unending. The lightning must be striking close, because immediate, dramatic booms accompany each flash. It’s 4 p.m., which somehow makes me feel safe, but last night, in the throes of [...]