Same time, next year

(WILMINGTON, N.C.) — I am still in North Carolina, but yes, I am going to do a short post about another state again. Soon I will be all caught up, at least I hope. It’s still strange to be hit with so many new places and so many experiences at once, especially after doing about [...]

Like a swig of sweet tea

(HARRISONBURG, Va.) — The ups and downs of this trip take my breath away sometimes. Of course little is permanent in this life, but this journey is an exaggerated version of that rule, and effect is exciting, exhausting and stomach churning. I am not complaining — um, I don’t think. I am simply amazed. Boredom [...]

Wow. I’m actually on my way.

I’ve never experienced rain like this. I’m outside Moravia, N.Y., and I’m cleaning up my trailer as water pounds hard against the aluminum frame. It’s unending. The lightning must be striking close, because immediate, dramatic booms accompany each flash. It’s 4 p.m., which somehow makes me feel safe, but last night, in the throes of [...]