Children and animals

This post is for my friend and Mountaineer columnist, Paul Viau. Before I left, he joked that I shouldn’t only take pictures of little kids and animals, as that’s kind of my thing at the paper where I work. The funny thing is that I feel even more of a desire to take photos of [...]

North Carolina and her girlish charms

(WAYNESVILLE, NC) — The longer I stay in Western North Carolina, the more its beauty tries to seduce me. Its small, country roads bat their eyelashes at me, and those pristine, babbling streams give me a come-hither look. On my ride to work, I see pastures and cornfields and lush mountainsides licked with fog. Constantly, [...]

A Frank view of New York

(HARRISONBURG, Va.) —  When I look back on New York City, where I was almost a month ago, I see a blur of people, street food and jolting subway cars. It’s a happy blur now. But when I wrote my last blog posting about the city, I was at odds with it and couldn’t understand [...]