So close to New York

(Somewhere in Pennsylvania,  headed to New York City) — Of all the surprises I have come across on the East Coast, this one might be the most shocking. My $18, two hour bus ride comes with an internet connection. What? I’m happily shocked, caught between wanting to update my blog and staring out the window at the static scene of grass and changing leaves. I have so much to say since I last wrote. I have so many stories. I have been to a wedding, seen Martha’s Vineyard, met a very sweet vegan guy who had a knack for parking trailers, and on and on and on. I promise, soon, I’ll fill you in on this. But for now, as the view out the window demands my attention (and I become lightly nauseous), let met just write this quick observation, something that’s been marinating for a while in me. And maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I like to believe it’s true.

Since I left, I have met up with many people I knew in my previous homes. I’ve shared meals with former New Mexicans, Californians and Coloradans. I’ve seen a college friend get married. I’ve even caught up with a cousin, now in her 20s, who I hadn’t seen since she was a pre-teen. While, just a few years ago, I knew no one on the East Coast, now it’s bursting at the seams with old friends. What I’d like to believe is that as I visit them in their new habitats, I’m seeing them more clearly than I ever did. Without the distraction of our shared environment, I have this new perspective of my friends, and I’ve been thanking my lucky stars because of it. If it weren’t for this trip, there is so much I wouldn’t know about these people. What a gift.

To Tory, Barbara, Mark, Rebecca, Jerrie, Erik, Eric, Lynn, Erin, Cindy and Cassie — thank you. The East Coast has intimidated  me for years, but you guys have made it warm and homey. I might be fiercely of the West, but, slowly, I’m starting to understand this world out here. And I feel I definitely understand all of you so much better.

OK, onto New York City. I’m both nervous and excited which, I’m guessing, is exactly as it should be.

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  • Roger


    I enjoyed reading your stuff. You use a Nikon D80 nice! that’s what I use also.

    Wishing you safe travels through PA. I’m in State College about 28 mile south of route 80. If you need food, a washer or a place to crash let me know. I’m also pretty good with mechanical things…cars, motorcycles, airplanes -lol!

    Take care,
    Roger aka: Ranger – Will James,

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