As Maine goes, Part 2

(WHITEHALL, Penn.) — I came down sick this morning, and it sucks, but on some strange level, I’m at peace with it. It’s a low-grade thing in my chest, nose and head, just enough to slow me down and remind me of my basic needs. I do feel fuzzy, but a few things are clearer [...]

Riding the rails

(Boston, Mass.) —Today was filled with such luscious luck that I’m smiling and biting my lip, despite the fact I’m tired, a bit sick and surrounded by hundreds of strangers wearing Celtics hats and jerseys. As I’m on a commuter train between Boston and Salem, I only have a few minutes of internet to convey [...]

As Maine goes (Part 1)

(HANOVER, N.H.) — I knew I liked this guy the moment I walked into the tiny convenience store. It was 2 a.m. near downtown Portland, and he was my bearish, meaty clerk.

“How the hell are ya?” he bellowed, with a smile. “Welcome to 7-11.”

That was the entirety of our interaction, but I’m still thinking about [...]

Thank you

Before I write anything else, I must write this: Thank you, Chuck. If it weren’t for you, I never would have got my trailer parked. I am completely in your debt. I wish I had gotten your e-mail address, but hopefully you’ll read this. I hope you and your son, Jonathan, weren’t too late [...]